General Strategy

Defense: Rainbow –Leadership will announce Tank Color and any additional coordination. Currently, we are using purple tanks, with Bera, Freya and Alfrike (VF) as the preferred tanks.

Structure: Farm the weak targets x2 – kill the weakest 10-12 Targets as early as possible. Team leaders will help identify easier targets.

Hit Assignments: Success Based Hits – One clean-up per failed 1-shot attempt. It’s OK to take more clean-ups if you do not feel confident in your remaining heroes.

Strategy Before FRee For All (FFA)

Kill Easy Tanks – High probability kills are top priority.

Avoid tough tanks if possible. Team Power and troops should also be considered.

*If you fail a 1-shot, clean it up and then hold until FFA.

*If you have 2 successful kills, hold remaining flag until 12-hour mark (to avoid failing and leaving a mess without any flags remaining).

Strategy AFTER Free For All

Kill Them All – Use all remaining Flags During FFA.  You do not need to hit as soon as FFA begins.  You have until the end of war to use your flags.

Communicate and hit smart.  1-hit kills are still top priority.

Target time will be roughly 10:00 remaining on the war clock. Look for Leadership to announce.  At that time, kill them all, flip the board and keep going.  

STILL One clean-up per failed kill attempt.

In FFA, you do NOT need to clean your own fail. You DO still need to one clean-up per fail. Please ask before cleaning someone else’s fail. Communication is key.