Minimums: On 14* Titans, we require a 150k Average or higher.  The average will look at your past 10 Titans.  If you fall below 150k average, you will be notified and given an additional 10 Titan cycle to improve your numbers.

Pull your weight. Aim for B loot, or higher if possible. No holding back. 

Hit early and often. It shouldn’t need to be said, but this is a competitive alliance with high expectations.  Use your flags. Hit the Titan every chance you get.

Harpoons. As a team, we choose to hit first tier. We aren’t tracking your harpoon use. Manage your own resources and be smart.

No Flasks. We kill Titans with natural flags. Any changes will be announced by Leadership (see also Flask Titan).

Last flags. If the titan is <200k, take turns and call your hits in chat like this: Going into titan for 2 hits. This helps us avoid wasted flags.

Flask Titan

If a Titan dies with 4 hours or less remaining, the next Titan will be a “Flask Titan” unless it’s red.  We don’t need to flask Red Titans.

Everyone is allowed ONE flask (optional) in the first 8 hours.

After 8 hours (14:00 on the Titan Timer), additional flasks will be allowed. One additional flask per person. Call your flasks and use all 3 hits. Take turns until the Titan is dead.

The goal of the Flask Titan is to kill before 11:00 and reset our flags.