Let’s be great together.  We’re here to win, and have fun doing it.

1) Don’t be a dick. We’re all on the same team. Respect is a minimum.

2) Please use common sense in Chat.  Derogatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, politically charged, sexually explicit, and/or generally offensive conduct will not be tolerated.  Yes, you can swear.

3) No kids. We don’t hate them, but I’m not filtering either.

4) Line is required. Communication is KEY.  Don’t just “have” Line, but USE it. Ask questions, tell us if you’re struggling or need to hit late. Also, read for updates.

5) 25+ Maxed 5* heroes and Level 20 Troops is the minimum. Level 23+ Mana Troops is the Goal.

6) Play the game. No one should need to be babysat and tagged for hits.

7) Hit the Titan.  That’s how we win. No one should have to remind you to hit.  Be sure to hit in the first 11 hours (sooner is better). Anything later is wasting flags.

8) B grade on Titan or higher is the Target. 150K (average) is the bare minimum. You gotta be able to pull your weight.  Don’t flask unless requested by Leadership.

9) Be your best self.  Put out a solid Raid defense.  NO cup dropping.

10) War is required. It’s a part of the game and it brings the team together. Emergency opt-out is understandable.