Leadership plays a critical role within the alliance. It requires additional time and commitment, above and beyond the basic requirements of the alliance. As leaders, we commit ourselves to the following:

  • Leadership Conversation – As Leaders, we will actively take part in the Leader Group Chat. We will seek to do what’s best for the alliance. We will bring our concerns, as well as our ideas for improvement. We will discuss and make decisions, and we will support each other as those decisions are communicated to the alliance.
  • Alliance Standards – We will uphold and maintain the rules and requirements of the alliance. We will strive to be good examples to our teammates and will hold ourselves to the highest standards, knowing that the rest of the team looks to us for direction and guidance.
  • Decision Making – We will make decisions in game and clearly communicate those decisions, both in game and in Line. When decisions must be made quickly and without the counsel of our leadership team, we will refer to our stated rules, and trust that the other leaders will support our decisions.
  • Fairness – We will hold each member accountable to our standards in a fair way. Be firm and clear. Do what we say we will do.
  • Alliance Chat – We will make an effort to participate in game and Line chat, encourage others, and be present. We will listen to the concerns of our alliance and seek to provide an environment that is welcoming and engaging.