Heroes – 20 maxed 5* heroes at a minimum. Ideally, you’ll have 25 or more. Some in our alliance have as many as 40. It’s not that there aren’t great players out there with less than 20, but it’s a baseline that helps us stay competitive.

Troops – Rainbow level 20+, preferably mana. We’re all still working on our troops, but having at least one strong set is critical for success in war.

Titans – Hit early, hit often, and average at least 150K per Titan. We only hit 14*s, and we’ve NEVER let one go. We need you to pull your weight here.

War – Not optional. Opt in, and use all six flags. In a rare emergency, opting out for a single war can be permitted and should be discussed with leadership before opting out.

Line – We require Line. We do not have a discord server. You don’t have to be overly chatty, but we need to know that you are receiving strategy updates and announcements. Communication is key to success.


Prefer to have a quick conversation?

Contact xX_Jehoel_Xx on Line if you are interested in joining. If you meet requirements and seem like a good fit for our alliance, we can discuss adding you to a wait-list if there is no immediate opening available.

Not on Line? Download Line now on the Apple App Store or Google Play.